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Lieutenant JG T’savo

Name T’savo

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Orientation Undecided
Age 26
Birthdate 2370
Birthplace USS Ozymandias

Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5’3” (161 cm)
Weight 93 lbs (42.1 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description T’savo boasts a lithe build typical of her species and brown body fur. She wears her black “mane” long, and her tail has a black fluffy tip. Given the shape of her legs and feet, T’savo opts to wear the skirted uniform and usually does not wear boots unless safety requires it.
Body Art She occasionally wears beads in her hair when off duty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Col. Ngoro, Starfleet Marine Corps

Often called “The Lion of Ozymandias”, Col Ngoro served as a Marine commanding officer on the USS Ozymandias during the Dominion War. Known for his aggressive, well coordinated tactics and fearlessness in battle, Col Ngoro served with distinction until the Federation began its drawdown of defense-oriented resources. After the draw-down, he retired as a Marine commander and taught classes on defense theory for the Starfleet Academy on Cait. His career and legacy inspired T’savo and her sister to pursue careers with the Starfleet Marines.
Mother Busia, Daystrom Institute Mathematician

A life-long academic, Busia works on multiple projects across different divisions of the Daystrom Institute. She has spent most of her time helping to develop sophisticated AI algorithms. One of her ongoing projects is to improve the rate in which universal translators can decode a new language and to improve the accuracy of the translation that the devices provide.
Brother(s) Lokwa, Daystrom Institute Warp Physicist

Lokwa took after his mother more than he did his father, and showed more promise in physics than he did defense. He works on projects involving warp technology.
Sister(s) M’zuka, Starfleet Marine Corps (Deceased)

M’zuka followed T’savo into the Marines, becoming a Marine Recon Markswoman. She served with the 966th on the planet Yridia along with T’savo, and died when Nausican raiders ambushed her team while they were out on patrol.

Giza, Helmswoman for the USS T’pau

Giza intially became a Starfleet flighter pilot who achieved ace status in 2393. During Starfleet’s defense draw-down, she became a certified shuttle and runabout pilot, and trained to become a helms officer.

Personality & Traits

General Overview To new acquaintances, T’savo comes across as droll, cool tempered and distant. Many humanoids mispronounce her name as “Saffoo”, to the point that she has stopped correcting people.

After leaving her role as a medical attaché, T’savo became aloof and tends to hide her inner turmoil under a mask of serenity. She has been conditioned to hide any signs of weakness or vulnerability, but can be provoked to anger if people try to push her to talk about painful memories. She subscribes to the principles of Taoism, and tries to remain anchored in the present; she acts when she feels the urge to, and places greater faith in her intuition than she does elaborate calculations or meticulous planning.

T’savo is fiercely loyal to her friends and subordinates, and feels at least partially for their wellbeing; she would give her life for them without a second thought. She is slower to trust, but trusts completely when she forms a bond with someone.

She struggles to reconcile her Taoist beliefs with her role as a combatant, and suffers from heavy guilt over the loss of her sister. She keeps the negative emotions from her experiences at bay through sheer force of will, not because she has come to terms with what she has been through.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Natural advantages of being Caitian, including excellent vision in the dark, sharp hearing, and a keen sense of smell

+ Experienced in maintaining focus amid chaos

+ First-rate combat and self-defense training, with experience using both

+ The purring quality of her voice is soothing to many humanoids, and helps put them at ease

- Somewhat traumatized from experiencing heavy combat

- Has trust issues, especially when it comes to higher-ranking Starfleet Officers

- Tends to be brutally honest with her colleagues when she doesn’t agree with a course of action
Ambitions T’savo wants to become the captain of a hospital ship that serves underprivileged regions of space. She also wants to win Starfleet’s most prestigious sharpshooter trophy to honor her sister.
Hobbies & Interests Playing guitar and violin in multiple styles, songwriting, competitive sharpshooting, sculpting, and forging
Language(s) Spoken Federation Basic, Caitian Ferasi; can understand Breen and Cardassian, but cannot produce the sounds needed to speak either.

Personal History T’savo was born on 2370 on board the USS Ozymandias. The 2nd oldest of 4 children, T’savo grew up in her father’s world; living on a Starfleet vessel primed for war and surrounded by Marines. Although she showed promise in her science classes, especially chemistry, she took more interest in her father’s life. Hearing stories of his daring achievements, she wanted to carry on his legacy of protecting the Federation and its citizens instead of contributing to the Federation’s scientific development or cultural evolution.

As she grew older, the galaxy changed as her father’s time faded into history; the demand for dedicated combat roles in Starfleet shrank and T’savo saw her window of opportunity shrinking with it. As the galaxy tried to heal itself after the Dominion War, Starfleet began to encourage cadets to go into medical and disaster relief roles. She saw Medical as a way to get into the glorious life she wanted; not as a Marine per se, but as a Medical Officer embedded with a Marine Unit.

Upon finishing the academy, she was assigned to the 966th Marine Detachment on the USS Thy’lek Shran, an Akira class starship that split its time between interdicting illicit shipments by the Orion Syndicate, fending off Nausicaan pirates, and fighting Breen privateers. T’savo soon put her newly acquired medical skills to good use as high-risk boardings and planet-side shoot-outs became the daily norm.

After a few years, T’savo’s baby sister M’zuka was assigned to a recon team with the 966th. They supported several interdictions before the 966th was assigned to relieve the 859th, which had been tasked to defend a valley the planet Yridia that hosted mines containing minerals not easily replicated, and facilities used to create replicator resource packs needed to replicate certain foods and medicines. In 2391, T’savo and her Sister arrived at the Hrisknyl Mountain Garrison, informally called “Red Mountain,” which guarded a pass that led into the valley.

Nausicaan pirates tested the defenses of Red Mountain regularly, and M’zuka was severely injured during one of their raids. Although she was alive when her recon team got her back to Red Mountain’s med bay, it was too late for T’savo, or any of the medical staff to save her. T’savo was devastated and wracked with guilt over losing her sister, a tragedy she never fully got over.

Breen mercenaries attacked in force four Terran months after M’zuka died, and Red Mountain found itself under siege from a small fleet and its ground force. The USS Adjudicator arrived 3 days after receiving a distress call from Red Mountain, but was overwhelmed shortly after dropping out of warp. Before it was destroyed, it sent another distress signal that called for a stronger force.

As the Breen attempted to storm Red Mountain, T’savo and her colleagues found themselves fighting for their lives as they tried to hold out for reinforcements. After another 4 days, the Prometheus class USS Eclipse and the Sovereign class USS Gesellschaft arrived, and routed the fleet. After the dust had settled, T’savo had decided that she had had enough heavy combat. She decided to become a fully fledged doctor, and leave the Marines behind.

With a wealth of experience to draw on, T’savo performed well in her medical schooling. She became a nurse on the USS Convalescence as she worked through her program, and eventually became a fully-accomplished doctor. She completed the program in 2396, after which she sought assignment to a ship slated for exploration; having experienced wartime medicine, and more conventional healthcare practices, she believed that it was time to broaden her experience via exposure to medical trials that were unknown to the Federation. Her request was approved and she was assigned to the USS Triton.
Service Record 2396 - Transferred to USS Triton
2392 - Began taking holo-courses for a medical degree
2391 - Assigned to Red Mountain on Yridia near the Federation-Klingon border
2388 - Assigned to USS Thy’lek Shran as Medical Attaché to the ship’s Marine Detachment