USS Triton

Lieutenant JG Altina

Name Altina

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Rigelian Vulcanoid
Orientation Undecided
Age 35
Birthdate 2361
Birthplace Luna

Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7” (167cm)
Weight 123lbs (
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Altina looks like a Vulcan, and has fair skin, pronounced eyebrows, and toned muscles. Her straight black hair hangs down to her mid-back, and has blonde-dyed tips. When going into the field, she usually ties it into a bun.


Father Hanull, a diplomatic officer and liaison
Mother Espera, a school teacher
Brother(s) Xoren, a pharmacologist serving on the USS Laffey

Spelle, a full-time parent who is married to a warp-core physicist
Sister(s) Revanna, a psionics instructor on Rigel V

Mirelle, who works for a prefect on Rigel V

Ylexia, A nurse at Starfleet Medical headquarters on Earth

Personality & Traits

General Overview Regarded by her peers as eccentric, Altina has a playful personality and does not take life too seriously. She loves fieldwork, and tends to be happier when she leaves the lab and spends time on the ground. She tends to overcompensate for her insecurities, and often acts brave when she’s afraid. Altina can come across as scrappy, having grown up fighting with her siblings.
Strengths & Weaknesses + She has a high-functioning Vulcanoid brain capable of solving complex problems in her head and multitasking.

= She lacks the stiff, logic-based personality that Vulcans have, which makes her more personable; however, some who believe she is a Vulcan are unnerved by her illogical demeanor

= Although she’s scrappy, and practices martial arts, she has little experience in combat and her phaser marksmanship is poor.

- She is terrifying when angry
Ambitions To command a starship, to become a psionic master, and to create artwork that’s featured in the galaxy’s biggest art museums
Hobbies & Interests Painting and digital art, playing flute, martial arts, meditation, researching her people’s psionic techniques.
Language(s) Spoken Federation Basic

Personal History Altina was born on Earth’s moon in 2361 to a father serving as a diplomatic officer and a botanist mother. She found that she had an aptitude for mathematics by the time she reached her early teens, and was drawn to the math-heavy sciences over other fields of study. Her family tried to encourage her to pursue other interests that her culture found more prestigious, but her teachers saw her passion for scientific study and encouraged her to go into the sciences.

Her parents were not thrilled to hear that she joined Starfleet Academy to become a science officer, but accepted the outcome. Her younger siblings often mocked her decision by calling her their “Vulcan sister,” prompting many duels with her siblings at family gatherings. She opted to seek breadth of knowledge rather than depth, and took classes on a wide range of subjects, from physics to sociology.

After graduating in 2381, she served on ships, starbases, and research colonies, tackling a multitude of problem sets, and eventually managing a variety of research projects. Her colleagues encouraged her to pursue a leadership role because of her wide range of knowledge and experience, and because of the charismatic way she kept her teams motivated.
Service Record 2396 - Transferred to USS Triton
2390 - Assigned to Starbase 92
2385 - Assigned to USS T’Pau
2385 - Led zoological survey on Vega IX
2384 - Assigned to the USS Hyperion
2381 - Assigned to the USS Constantine as a Junior Science Officer