USS Triton

Lieutenant Rohan Sutulhar

Name Rohan Ekoba-Da Sutulhar

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Elasian
Age 29
Birthplace Elas, Tellun System

Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 95kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Rohan is often mistaken for a brawny Terran human, even those who have spent time among Elasians would take his less severe countenance and non-threatening manner of speech as a sign he could not be from Elas, but closer inspection of his bone structure and muscular clustering reveal the tells of his ancestry. Though only a quarter of his genetic makeup is human, it leaves him smaller in stature and without the raw physical strength a full-blooded Elasian would expect.

Other features that mark him as not entirely Elasian include his freckles and bodily hirsuteness, he is also susceptible to rapid-weight gain if he does not exert himself routinely, but maintains his musculature with minimal effort.

He is not a thoughtful dresser when not in uniform, but aware of his fortune in not requiring a great deal of effort to be presentable, though he will do what he can to be tidy befitting any occasion. His hair grows rapidly and depending on metabolic exertion he can grow a light beard within a duty shift.
Body Art None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Doctor Hlogun Sutulhar ScD, QSsD, OBE, FRS, FZMI
Mother General Ekoba of Elas
Brother(s) Numerous half-siblings
Sister(s) T'Mar, numerous half-siblings

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rohan is calm and affable in most circumstances, though he does tend towards privacy and is at times unintentionally inconsiderate of others, a result of his varied upbringing. He has a competitive streak that he works to keep under control, but he likes to think he knows his limitations, and is wiser than to undertake challenges he knows he lacks the requisite skill for. He lacks the brazen arrogance considered typical of his people but does not lack for self-confidence. He is somewhat prone to risk-taking and adventurism, as well as occasionally speaking out of turn or when not entirely appropriate, but he understands and respects the chain of command and the expectations of life as a man of the service. He is a thorough and diligent officer and does not believe in leaving tasks undone, though he is not especially tidy in his personal space.

Though supportive, enthusiastic and polite for the most part, he does tend to overstep some boundaries conversationally and make observations or criticisms that could be considered unkind, inappropriate or even vulgar, as the social standards observed during his upbringing varied from laissez-faire to what many would consider undesirably hostile. That said, he has unconditional respect for all other beings and a strong ethical foundation, and apologises without reservation if it is brought to his attention that he has behaved in an untoward manner, though occasionally it takes another to make him aware of such events. He is capable of fierce anger when sufficiently provoked but is not one to hold grudges or deny forgiveness. He has a cheeky sense of humour.

He is gregarious but does not cultivate friendships just for the sake of them, he is selective with those he considers friends. He can be reserved, but does not suffer from shyness or social anxieties, if anything he is too comfortable around others in a way that can make him impervious to his own social missteps. He is confident but courteous, and always open to criticism or second thoughts. He lacks extensive formal education in the sciences and humanities but has a good head on his shoulders and has been described as clever. He is perceptive, has an excellent memory, understands the importance of learning lessons and is generally a good judge of character.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Confident
+ Inventive
+ Hard-working
+ Well-travelled

-/+ Inquisitive

- Competitive
- Audacious
- Indecorous
- Immodest
Ambitions Rohan does not dedicate a great deal of thought to the future or his plans for it, he hopes only to be adequately regarded for his piloting skills and have the chance to fly fast and well. He has a few mechanical devices he has picked up on his travels that he hopes to bring back to working order without the help of actual engineers.
Hobbies & Interests Though he lacks formal training, Rohan has a keen interest in mechanics and repair work, particularly 23rd century or earlier technology, or anything from outside the Federation. He reads extensively and enjoys learning new languages and refining those he already knows. He does not take much interest in politics but enjoys watching news from around the Galaxy and will watch or participate in any sport of sufficient speed and intensity. He keeps abreast of technological developments in any field of racing and is known to make the odd wager, particularly on the Iotian speedway circuit. He does not take much convincing to partake in any opportunity to socialise.

He enjoys piloting simulations on the holodeck but has ethical qualms with the generation of holographic beings for entertainment. Where possible he prefers manual entertainment, decks of cards, ball sports, music and other simple, less resource-intensive pursuits. He is proficient with the Andorian sitar and will often play it simply to entertain himself, but never performs. He is a keen hiker and explorer and will usually not hesitate to climb anything that seems climbable. When visiting a new world, or a new part of an old one, he is always keen to partake in local culture, and has a great love of architecture and art, though he does not know terribly much about either. As a pilot, he will have a great deal of difficulty turning down any excuse to get behind the wheel of any vehicle, familiar or new.

Rohan practices Vulcan meditation techniques for his mental health, and Suus-Manha for physical training and self defence, though his Elasian stature has meant he has not often needed them. Though he enjoys alone time, he often prefers to be alone in public places, and can more often be found in the mess hall or ships bar than his own quarters when awake and off duty.

Personal History Rohan was the only child of the union of Ekoba, an Elasian General, and Doctor Hlogun Sutulhar, an esteemed half-human Federation Scientist who only discovered his own half-Elasian ancestry later in life, and had his name changed to reflect it. His father was unaware of Rohan’s conception and birth, and the boy was raised within the Dohlman’s court where his mother served as a military adviser and member of the Council of Nobles, though the proud Elasian armed forces were primarily ceremonial and had been for more than a century, since peace was declared with neighboring Troyius.

Rohan never quite adjusted to Elasian society, which was vicious and atavistic by Federation standards. The boy was gentler and not quite so physically robust as full-blooded Elasians, and had no taste for the gladiatorial contests and bloodsports that mostly defined their cultural zeitgeist. Instead young Rohan gravitated towards races and sports vehicles, finding himself fascinated by machines and their workings. His mother forbade him to involve himself with such tasks, considering it to be servants work, and beneath the son she already considered to be too soft and un-Elasian.

Rohan quickly found ways to avoid his combat training through bribes to his instructor and began instead to spend time with a group of indentured Troyian mechanics who worked in the palace and maintained the personal vehicles of the court. Rohan learned how to pilot all manner of craft in this time, as well as some basic mechanical repair skills, and the essential philosophies behind anti-grav and other high-speed personal conveyance technologies.

When he was nine, he encountered a posse of noble youths terrorising the mechanics he had befriended. Unable to overcome them physically as they tormented and beat one of the Troyians, Rohan used the blow-back of an impulse drive to disable them and give the mechanics a chance to flee. Incensed by the insult, the nobles piled into combat-capable craft and attempted to target Rohan, who fled the palace in a defenceless impulse-speeder. They pursued him well beyond the city limits, doing uncounted damage along the way with the disruptors of the stolen craft.

Out beyond the city, Rohan’s knowledge and skills gave him an insurmountable advantage, and he lead the inexperienced pursuers over difficult terrain. Though most turned back, one remained in pursuit, eventually becoming trapped perilously in the crevasse of Elaan’s Canyon when the impulse-craft’s engines stalled. Rohan rescued his pursuers from certain death, and returned them to the palace, though the Dohlman’s personal safari craft was destroyed.

His mother was outraged to learn not only of his deceit, but that he had spared a rival who had engaged him in combat. She made contact with the Federation embassy and sent him to live with his father, fearing his pacifistic ways would shame her and endanger her standing as a military commander.

His father, being something of a womaniser was not shocked to learn of another child, and took him in gladly, taking him into his home in Edinburgh on Earth. His father had been recently discharged from Starfleet and was in the process of outlaying his own scientific Foundation, having also taken in another child he had been aware of, but whose mother had died. Rohan was raised along a half-Vulcan half-sister, with whom he got along well, and who taught him a great deal about managing his Elasian emotions, though she seemed to take some pleasure in not correcting his somewhat uncouth manners, which his father also seemed to find amusing.

His childhood on Earth was fairly unremarkable, he excelled at sports owing to his Elasian physique, but did not find a great deal of focus in school, preferring to stare out the window and speculate what manner of craft was flying by. He found humans and other Earth residents to be strangely timid and lacking in self-confidence compared to the people of Elas, and his father and sister. After completing his secondary schooling, Rohan embarked on a journey to go beyond Federation borders and was able to bluff his way aboard a Ferengi cargo ship in need of a pilot. He learned quickly and found himself visiting many places he had never heard of, and some he was sure would have violated the prime directive were it a Federation ship setting foot there. Though he found it uncomfortable, the experience was invaluable, and he was eventually able to find work aboard a high-warp freighter known as the Seberos, which also skirted the borders of the Federation, and made several sojourns to the Gamma Quadrant through the Bajoran wormhole.

At the age of 22, with four years of space travel under his belt, Rohan returned to Earth to enroll in Starfleet academy, having been inescapably impressed by the sleek and unbelievably well-engineered Federation vessels he had encountered in his travels.

After graduation with a major in navigation and a minor in operations, Rohan’s first assignment was as a support craft pilot on Deep Space 15, where his previous experience with unfederated cultures meant he was one of the few willing to communicate successfully with the ostensibly aggressive Achani visitors aboard the station, being familiar with the customs and mannerisms, understanding that they were merely displays of martial respect rather than actual threats. The stations XO took notice of the young Ensign’s initiative, and within a year he had gone from pilot, to primary support craft pilot, to assistant chief of flight control. Rohan served another year in this capacity, before transferring to the USS Aitanovar as deputy chief navigator.

After a year aboard the Aitanovar, Rohan applied for a transfer to the USS Triton with his Captains endorsement, seeking to finally step into a department head role, and more importantly, get himself behind the wheel of the ample nacelles of a Luna-class starship.