USS Triton

The Sim

There are hundreds of different Star Trek simulations out there, differing mainly in their characters and mission content, each exploring the Trek universe in their own way. But we like to think we have more than just quality writers and mission variety to set the Triton apart from its fellow sims. Our command staff has a vision to create a unique culture on the ship in-character and out-of-character that focuses on the core values of Star Trek; respects and appreciates diversity; encourages writer participation; and builds community. Above all, we want to create a game that's an enjoyable experience and a creative outlet for our crew!

At its heart, Star Trek has always been about better understanding the universe and our place in it. Even as the crews of our favorite franchise sought to investigate the latest scientific phenomena, they also tackled familiar moral and ethical issues and always sought to better themselves through adherence to the Federation’s tolerant principles. In its mission design, Triton seeks to explore ideas that are not only fun and interesting but that are also morally challenging and intellectually stimulating.

Those missions are fully presented to the crew in comprehensive mission guides. They provide an overview of the mission objectives and additional information to enhance the role-playing and writing experience. Check out a sample mission guide here. Additionally, we support players' own storylines with a subplot planner every mission. Our goal is to remove barriers to participation and provide players with the support and information they need to tell their stories.

By promoting a tolerant, accepting environment we hope that players can function as freer, more creative writers as we come together to celebrate our mutual love for Star Trek and science fiction. We are an international, inclusive, community-oriented group that accepts people from all walks of life regardless of their sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, ethnicity, political affiliation, and the like. The Triton appreciates the diversity of our player base and understands that diversity brings a wide range of unique experiences and viewpoints that only serve to make our stories better. The USS Triton is an LGBTQ-friendly simulation.

We believe awards are a good way of recognizing the ingenuity, creativity, effort, and story-craft of our writers. In addition to the standard Obsidian Fleet awards, the Triton has its own set of ship-specific awards that range from recognizing enlisted characters to playing a villain to adhering to the franchise's beloved technobabble. For achievement hunters, our awards system is also a good way to participate in missions in unique ways because every mission on Triton has at least 2 unique awards associated with it. Check the awards out!

I want this game to be a place where everyone of every identity feels comfortable and part of the family. I know the Internet was and continues to be an important environment for personal expression of all kinds, and it's important to me that our game allows for you to tell the sort of stories you want to tell free from prejudicial attitudes.

Also, I want everyone to feel heard. Don't like the way the mission is going? Want to try something new? Stuck with what to do? Have an idea for a mission or storyline? Just need someone to talk to? Let me know! It's important to me that you feel like you have a line of communication with me and a voice in our game. You're a stakeholder in our collective endeavor, so you should have input about its direction. My management style is consultative; after all, the game is for you!

Most importantly, I want the game to be fun. It should be a vehicle for creative expression and entertainment. It should never feel like a second job with quotas and deadlines. I understand life is demanding, and we can't always participate when we'd like. And sometimes, we just flat out don't have the energy for writing. All I ask is to keep in touch, remember to be courteous to your fellow writers, and make sure you're having fun!

If there's something we didn't cover for you then head over to our FAQs page. Otherwise, come join us!