USS Triton
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Masterful Musical Meetings

Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 3:06am by Commander Soraya Rezvani & Lieutenant Commander Haneul Seong

Mission: Tick-Tock
Location: Starbase 50, Temporary Quarters
Timeline: MD-20: 2000 hours

First days on new assignments had already become quite a cumbersome task for Han. He had to make sure he was at the right place, meet the people he needed to meet, run after some poor operations officer to find where his affects had run off to, obtain those affects, appeal to another operations officer to see where he was being assigned, so on... and so forth...

All he wanted to do was settle into his temporary home while his actual assignment was going through the mundane refitting process. Which he eventually got to do, about four hours after his arrival. He only had to speak with ten members of the Operations crew.

Finally, he was able to set his gear down and get some rest.

As soon as he entered his meager quarters, he did just that. Flopping himself onto the bed, he took a deep breath, staring up at the ceiling with a happy sigh. Now he didn't have to be cramped in someone else's shuttle, and soon there would be a ship he would have almost free reign to explore.

This all was going so well until he heard the distinctive sound of a brass instrument playing through the wall on the right. He was never as familiar with them as he should have been, but that didn't stop him from scowling at the wall. Hopefully it would go away soon.

But luck would not be on his side for this.

Eventually, after some amount of grumbling, he stood back up again, running a hand through his hair before making his way first out of his own room and to the door of the one next to it. He braced himself, waiting to find out the person on the other side of the door was going to be disagreeable to his request, but he let out another sigh, pressing the button next to the door. Hopefully he would be lucky enough, at least for a night.

The blaring saxophone cut short on a flat note when the door chime rang. A full minute passed before the door slid open to reveal Triton's commanding officer, Soraya Rezvani. She was dressed in a cerulean blue traditional garment of her homeworld called a khalat, and her hair was at least partially covered by a matching piece of material. Pinned to her chest was a Starfleet combadge and hanging around her shoulders was the strap to a saxophone that was almost as big as she was. She looked like the clash of several cultures and almost unrecognizable from how she looked on duty.

"Good evening," Soraya said, stretching out the syllables as she looked at him through imperceptibly narrowing eyes. He seemed...familiar. "Can I help you?"

At first, Han almost did not know how to react. The odd sight of a woman likely being weighed down by that saxophone was not one he expected, and it clearly showed. "I-yes, sorry. I just arrived in the room next door and I just wanted to ask if you could... Play... Quieter tonight? Just tonight. Once I've got my set of ear plugs, I should be fine. I guess they didn't make it into my main bags." He offered a pleasant smile.

"I beg your pardon? Ear plugs?" Soraya asked, looking down at the saxophone. When she looked up at him, there was a cross between annoyance and offense. "Is that meant to be some sort of commentary?"

Han's smile fell. "No." Han stated it plainly, processing exactly what he had just said. "Not at all." He hadn't even thought about the implications of his request. But now he was in it, better to press on. It wasn't like he was going to see whoever this was again. Hopefully. "I didn't mean any offense by it, I've just had a long, loud ride to the station and was hoping for a little sleep, that's all."

Soraya's brow pinched further, though she now looked less annoyed and more like she was trying to puzzle through something.

"I apologize for disturbing you. I'm not accustomed to making accommodations for sound. There must be some malfunction with the acoustic dampening field between our quarters," she said. With a swift motion, she activated her combadge. "Ops, this is Commander Rezvani. I believe the acoustic dampening field on the..." She turned her attention back to Han. "Which side are you on?"

Han let his tension fall out of his shoulders, any potential confrontation subsiding. His eyes narrowed as she spoke into the commbadge, registering that her name was indeed familiar. Maybe too familiar. Oh.

"Yes, the left... The outer left wall of my quarters is malfunctioning. Could you dispatch a repair crew immediately, please?" The response came quickly in the affirmative. Afterward, Soraya stepped to the side and made a small gesture. "May I make you some tea? I have a very lovely Rozionite variety called 'dreamweaver' that encourages a restful night's sleep."

A 'Ma'am, I wouldn't want to impose' all but fell from his mouth. Instead, a small smile perked on his lips as he took a small step in. Might as well come out with it now. "I do appreciate that, Ma'am. I have a feeling we'll have a lot to talk about in the coming days." He paused, before holding out his hand. "Lieutenant Commander Haneul Seong."

"I thought you looked familiar. I must have been recalling your personnel file from a few days ago. How do you do, Commander Seong? I apologize for disturbing you," she said. To her credit, Soraya didn't miss a beat as she waved to usher him inside. She moved toward the replicator and said half over her shoulder, "I don't recall the file saying a thing about you disliking the incredibly well-played woodwind portions of musical theatre scores. I'll bear it in mind in future."

Han's eyes narrowed as he went to take a seat in the living area. What a way to meet your new Commanding Officer. "In my defense, I would have probably listened to it a little more closely had it not been for the already ear-splitting headache. Pain tends to color any music, good or otherwise."

"It was quite good," Soraya assured him as she worked at the replicator. She produced two cups of the aforementioned tea, adding an analgesic supplement to one for the first officer's headache. As she approached and set the cup in front of him, she seemed to be more sympathetic. "I do apologize. I wasn't expecting to even see you until tomorrow, as I know you had quite the transit adventure in getting here. It seemed best to give you a bit of a respite, but... I suppose my instrument and the station's engineers conspired against us."

"Mostly the station engineers." Han seemed to agree, at least to some point. If that pilot didn't have the undying desire to show off in a shuttle he had no business showing off in... "And likely the lieutenant who happened to be at the helm of that poor Danube. I think he pushed it too far, but I didn't want to entertain another conversation." He shook his head, reaching over to pick up the cup of tea. "Now's a good a time as any? I don't quite have the roster on hand, but we can at least... Talk. I'm sure we've got a lot to talk about."

"My previous first officer wasn't very talkative," Soraya said as she took up her own tea. "Are you?"

Han's brow raised. Was this a test? Did Soraya prefer a quieter first officer or one that made more of a fuss? Considering their last interaction, Han wasn't entirely certain he wanted to get on her bad side, but on the other hand if he wasn't straight with her now, that may not have been a surprise she wanted to confront later. "I mean, I can be. In my experience, if I'm not asking questions or talking, then it counts as inaction and inaction doesn't get anyone anywhere. Not to disparage your previous first officer. Commander Agar had quite the career behind her, but it just isn't my style. I like making sure I seem more open, and talking helps that along."

He let the thought sit, sipping on his tea. "I don't have any intention on undermining your authority, I should make that clear. Being this is my first assignment, I don't know what to expect... in any sense."

From behind her teacup, both of Soraya's eyebrows went up as if she were surprised. It seemed an odd thing to point out - that he wouldn't undermine her. She supposed it was tangentially tied to talking and being open. Or, there may have been some incident left out of his personnel file. They were fairly dry after all, and they did a poor job of capturing a person and the moments that defined them.

"I find I never know what to expect, either, and I've been at this for some time. I regret to report that experience doesn't offer much certainty," Soraya said kindly. She set her teacup down and eased back into her seat. "I'd much rather you be who you are. Don't try to be who you think I need you to be. Or want you to be, for that matter. Commander Agar and I are lifelong friends but our command styles differ. We learned to compromise and build a working system that took those differences into account. So long as you can be straightforward with me, I'm very certain that we can successfully do the same."

Straightforward? It was like Han's calling in the form of a new assignment. That was the one thing he knew he could reliably be. He sat upright, a telling grin appearing on his face. "I don't think I'll have any trouble with being straightforward."

"Perfect," Soraya said as she stood up, cradling the tea between her hands. "Then in the interest of straightforwardness, why don't you return to your quarters, finish your tea, take a nice relaxing sonic shower, get a quiet night's rest, and we'll reconvene tomorrow morning at 0900 - no, wait - 1000 hours?"

Han paused in mid-drink, looking up at her as if he were caught red-handed. Drinking tea. He took a sip, before confirming his agreement by standing from the comfy seat. "Absolutely. 1000 hours, hopefully with less of a headache and more composure from myself, Ma'am." He stepped toward the door, smiling wide. "I'll make sure my second first impression is better than the first one."

"And I'll make sure all my instruments are put away," Soraya said. Out of politeness and hospitality, she walked him to the door. "Have a pleasant evening, lieutenant commander."

Commander Soraya Rezvani
Commanding Officer
USS Triton, NCC-62389

Lieutenant Commander Hanuel Seong
First Officer
USS Triton, NCC-62389


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