USS Triton
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Posted on Fri Apr 3rd, 2020 @ 7:03pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Jaylen Elam & Petty Officer 3rd Class Hannam Kota

Mission: Tick-Tock
Location: SB 50
Timeline: Current

Incrementally Starbase 50 grew as the Danube Class runabout, USS San Joaquin approached the massive station hovering in space. Though massive itself, the Ithaca Class space station paled in comparison to beautiful aquatic planet Aquil below, which is a galactic masterpiece with its beautiful swirls of blues and whites contradicting the dense black background of space. The planet, though captivating itself, was certainly a sight to behold but what Jaylen was anxious to see was his new assignment. He had been informed back at Starbase 621 that his orders were to report Starbase 50 where he would then report to the USS Triton, a Luna Class starship, being assigned a new Captain and crew. Jaylen himself would be the ship’s Chief of the Boat, a big responsibility and step up in his career.
Jaylen had hitched a ride to SB 50 with a young Petty Officer, she was a Romulan who had enlisted in Starfleet and became a pilot. This day had her ferrying a Danube Class runabout to SB 50 for maintenance and reassignment, Jaylen had hitched a ride on the runabout as he was unwilling to wait at SB 621 any longer.

“How long you been ferrying spacecraft” Jaylen inquired of the young Romulan.

“About 2 years now” she replied. “It’s a pretty nice job actually, I get to go a lot of places and see a lot of things running shuttles and runabouts back and forth from one ship or base to another”

Nodding, Jaylen could appreciate the simplicity of the job.

“I know a lot of pilots can’t wait to move up to the bigger line ships, but I like being a shuttle pilot” she continued without any prompting. “I’ve flown just about every small craft Starfleet has…including some of the older ones that are no longer in service like the Type F.”

It was obvious she had a love for what she was doing, she was in fact probably one of the happiest people in Starfleet that Jaylen had ever seen, she seemed completely content with where she was in life.

“So, if you don’t mind my asking Petty Officer,” Jaylen asked as he observed the station increasing incrementally larger in size as they drew closer. “What made you join Starfleet?”

“I don’t know Chief” she replied after a few seconds of thought. “I guess considering where the state of my people right now I figured Starfleet would provide me with the best way to help them. I could’ve joined the Star Navy, maybe even been an officer. But to be honest with you I think all they’ll do is revert to our old ways.”

“Well, take it from a Bajoran” he tried to sound reassuring. “If my people were able to survive the Cardassians, then yours can make it through this. Your people have survived this long, one day the Romulan Empire will be as glorious as it ever was.”
“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of” her response was somber in tone.

Noticing the somberness in her tone Jaylen found it odd that a Romulan would speak that way, normally they took pride in the glory of the Empire much as Cardassians had once taken pride in the mighty Cardassian Union. This Romulan was very likable, despite the reputation of her people here she was in the very youth of her life enlisted in Starfleet trying to find her place in the galaxy, and it appeared as if she had succeeded.

“Well, Petty Officer Kota” it was the first time Jaylen had called her by name, the last name at least, during the entire trip. “All things are possible in this universe”.

Hannam nodded in the affirmative. “Yes, Chief all things are possible”

An auditory alarm on the runabout’s console notified the pilot that they were on final approach to the station. Preferring to fly manually Hannam expertly piloted the runabout towards the station reducing power as needed. From their approach angle, they could see several of the ships docked at the station, ships from all over Federation space both military and civilian. But the ship Jaylen wanted to see soon came into view. Since being informed of his assignment back on SB 621 he had taken a few hours of the journey to familiarize himself with the schematics of the Luna class starship and by now could easily recognize her silhouetted profile from a light-year away.

“Take us in closer to that Luna class” Jaylen instructed Hannam.

Hanna could see the excitement in Jaylen’s eyes as he leaned forward looking out of the runabout’s window. With skill and precision, she maneuvered the runabout around Triton’s hull as if she were operating a tour ship offering the best view to tourists, which is what Jaylen felt like as he took in the magnificence of Triton in all of her grandeur even docked to the space station.

“She sure is a thing of beauty Chief,” Hanna said admiringly as she disengaged the runabout’s impulse engines allow it coast unpowered for a few seconds before engaging the maneuvering thrusters pivoting the runabout around 180 degrees to make another pass by the Triton, she had a feeling the Senior Chief Petty Officer wouldn’t mind another pass.

Sitting back in the chair Jaylen took in the Triton one more time before the runabout returned to its approach coordinates and landed in one of the station’s shuttle bays. Within minutes the doors to the runabout opened, grabbing his gear Jaylen headed towards the runabout’s exit anxious to report into the station and then the Triton.

“Well, Petty Officer Hannam Kota that was truly one of the best rides I’ve had in a long time” Jaylen offered with a smile.
“Thanks for letting me hitch a ride.”

“It was certainly a pleasure Senior Chief” she quickly responded returning the smile. “Its good to have company along sometimes.”

“Where do you go from here,” he asked slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder.

“I’ll report in and then hang out for a few days” she replied. “They’ll come up with something for me to do soon. Probably ferry another shuttle somewhere.”

Jaylen nodded as he headed off.

“Well if you decide you’re tired of ferrying shuttles and want a real job let me know,” he said half-jokingly. “We might have a spot for a good shuttle pilot”

“And give up this good life” she retorted. “That would be crazy”
With a final smile and nod, Jaylen quickly exited the shuttle bay as Petty Officer Kota turned and went in the opposite direction to check in with the Hangar Bay Manager.

SCPO Jaylen Elam
Chief of the Boat
USS Triton

PO3 Hannam Kota
Small Craft Pilot
USS Triton


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